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Dr. Michael Goldstein, International Chairman of the Sai Organizations was in London yesterday and addressed a public meeting. Apparently, Swami asked him to address 6 other such meetings around the world before Guru Poornima and asked him to start with London ! I got to know this only today!

Dr. Goldstein and Mr. Victor Kanu were the two speakers and both of them spoke very well. In fact, the entire programme was very well conducted - started exactly at 2.30pm as announced and more importantly, finished exactly at 4.30pm as announced! Rarely do we see a public function that keeps to time on both sides.

I was also made aware of some of the things happening around the world:

- The National Accreditation Body of the UGC has said that Human Values should become an integral part of the curriculum for all universities in India . They have highlighted our Institute as the lead in this regard.

- There was recently a meeting with Ministers from 19 Asian countries in Manila where the Sai organization (Mr. Victor Kanu, Mr. Jum Sai and Dr. Goldstein I think) made presentations on the Education in Human Values. They have asked for another meeting later this month or next (I am not sure) to finalise the plan. This would involve introducing the Human Values curriculum in all these countries.

- I was also told on an earlier occasion that some of the Latin American governments including Brazil and Argentina have already made a plan for introduction of Human Values education in their countries.

- Yesterday's function was covered by BBC and ATN (Asian Television Network) apart from the press. The BBC is apparently making a documentary on Swami's work and has already been to Puttaparthy and interviewed Mr. Chakravarthy (our "Regi"). BBC is going back to Parthy later this month.

- The House of Lords in UK (the equivalent of Rajya Sabha in India ) has invited some of our Sai organization members to speak to them about the work of Swami.

- Mr. Victor Kanu had addressed the UN General Assembly sometime back on the Human Values programme and Swami's work in general.

- The African countries want to learn from the Water projects done by Swami about how to solve the water crisis they face in their countries.

Here are a few points from Dr. Goldstein's and Mr. Victor Kanu's talks:

Dr. Goldstein:

- We need to have faith in God - cannot use reason to explain divinity and God

- We are truly selfless when we are one with God

- Self confidence is essential to spiritual progress; that also means following our inner conscience, we will then be in heaven on earth

- The differences in religion are a matter of emphasis, not of essence

- When the earth goes around its own axis, and a day elapses; the earth goes around the Sun, and a year passes by. We revolve around our own illusions and attachments, and a whole life-time elapses!!

Mr. Victor Kanu:

- Swami is the only teacher who has been teaching for over 60 years now - without a salary; without insurance and other benefits; without a pension!

- While most people in the world talk about technological advancements in medicine, Swami quietly heals innumerable number of people in His own inimitable style - without any consultation fee!

- He never tires, He never frowns; always loves and forgives.

- Many of us who sit in the veranda know what wrongs we have committed, and yet He comes and speaks ever so lovingly. How easily He loves us all despite our short-comings!

- When the Central Trust approached Swami asking what birthday present they can give Him for His 60 th birthday, He asked that they adopt 6000 villages and care for those villages in all respects.

- And for the 70 th birthday, again when they approached Him, He asked them to provide 70 tractors for villagers who are having difficulty ploughing their fields; give 70 sewing machines to ladies as a means of self-employment; 70 auto-rickshaws to unemployed youth in Puttaparthy and perform at least 70 marriages for those who cannot afford the expenditure.

- Contrast this with the way our political leaders celebrate their birthdays!

- The hallmark of a great person is that He does not think of Himself.

- The Sathya Sai Institute is the only university whose students go into the villages to serve the poor and needy


A Devotee
Puttaparthi, India


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