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Guru is the entity who dispels the darkness of ignorance and illumines our lives with pure knowledge and hence this day signifies the worship of the Guru and offering of obeisance his feet. The full moon symbolizes the mind filled with delight and signifies the elimination of darkness and evil from the mind. Guru Poornima is an occasion for cleansing the mind to make it absolutely pure.

A qualified spiritual master is essential to learn self-realization. Bhagavad-Gita (Ch.4.34) asks one to learn the truth through a Guru or spiritual master, inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul imparts knowledge as he has seen the truth. A real Guru imparts gynana (true knowledge) and teaches how to raise one's consciousness beyond material physical boundaries. He teaches meditation to attain real peace of mind, true self-knowledge, eternal happiness, liberation from karmas, develop true love for God.

Achieving spiritual perfection by oneself through yoga (meditation) is impractical. One must learn spiritual practices under the guidance of a genuine spiritual master. We repose our faith in a Guru whose feet are roots of worship and the root of liberation. He opens our eyes blinded by ignorance and darkness and guides us to our goals.

How is a guru identified from the array of Gurus and spiritual teachers? Bhagavad-Gita gives guidelines and qualities of a genuine Guru. A true Guru has credentials to impart true knowledge free from speculation and never claims he is god. He knows god is supreme and we are subordinate to him. He knows the truth and lives it, is free from lust, anger, and greed. He exemplifies wisdom, peacefulness, self-control, austerity, piety, tolerance and strong faith in God.

At the time of deeksha (initiation), the Guru absorbs the past sins and karmas of his disciplines and reveals true spiritual knowledge. The disciple develops strong love for the Guru who delivers him from the bondage of birth and death. Bhagavad-Gita shows that when Arjuna was confused about his duties, put his faith in Krishna, regarded him as his Guru and Krishna showed him the right path. The Guru is a man of profound intellectual and spiritual sensitivity and compassion. The scriptures state that initiation must be taken from a Guru

Story relating to the festival:
While an arathi was being given to Shirdi Baba, Baba's face became very tight as if a thousand lamps were lighted with different colours. The surprised devotees wanted to touch Baba's feet and prostrate before Him. Noticing the thoughts of the devotees, He slowly walked towards the big stone that He created in front of Dwarakamai, while the devotees spread flowers all the way and made Him walk on the flowers.

As soon as He reached the stone He sat on it putting his left hand on the toe of his right leg and putting the right hand on the thigh of his right leg. Then He looked deeply into the eyes of each devotee, by which the joy experienced by them was beyond description. When they touched His feet, they felt an unknown Divine power entering their bodies and reach their hearts. These things have to be personally experienced and cannot be explained. All those who experienced this, started to celebrate Guru Poornima on every Ashada Suddha Poornima day with pomp and gaiety. Even today Guru Poornima is celebrated in Shirdi. This festival is very important to Sai devotees as they worship their Guru and get the blessings from Him. Those who worship their Guru with devotion and sincerity on this day, will always have the Guru with them.

Swami's message on Guru Purnima:
Swami explains that 'Guru' has 2 parts. 'Gu' signifies 'Gunathitha', one who has transcended the three Gunas or qualities, i.e Thamasic, Rajasic and Satwic. 'Ru' signifies one who is 'Roopavarjitha', i.e one who has grasped the formless aspect of God-head

How is the Festival celebrated:
The full-moon day in July is the auspicious (Poornima) day when Guru Poornima is celebrated by worshipping our Guru, the spiritual master, who taught us divine love, by performing poojas performed in prostration to him.

Jai Sai Ram

Bro Praveen
SSEHV Group 4


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