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Swami in Brindavan
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"Life on earth is possible only because of the Sun. For mankind that is caught up in a meaningless existence and going through an endless round of futile activities, the Sun God stands out as an exemplar of tireless and selfless service. He enjoys no respite from work. He is above praise and censure. He carries on his duties with absolute equanimity. Everything he does is only for the wellbeing of the world and not for causing any harm. Thus the Sun God teaches us the supreme example of humble devotion to duty, without any conceit. Everyone must learn how to do their duties with devotion and dedication, just like the Sun. Doing one&8217;s duty is the greatest Yoga (Spiritual path), as pointed out by Krishna in the Gita. Hence, let your actions and thoughts be good. You will then experience the bliss divine."

"The voice of God can be heard in the region of your heart when the tongue is stilled and the storm is tilled and the waves are calm. "

"Today the spiritual aspirants undertake various types of Sadhana such as meditation, penance, Yoga and chanting of Vedic hymns. Love should be the undercurrent of all these spiritual exercises or else it will be sheer waste of time. "

"Spirituality does not mean leading a lonely ascetic life.Spirituality means
getting rid of attachment and hatredand looking upon the whole humanity as one."

"Spiritual health is preserved and promoted by attention to three Gunas: Sathvika, Rajas and Thamas."

"Pursue spiritual exercises with the same enthusiasm you have for sports and studies."

"In spiritual saadhana, there are eight Yogik disciplines to be observed: Yama, Niyama, Aasana, Pranaayaama, Prathyaahaara, Dhyaana, Dhaarana and Samaadhi (sense restraint, observing rules, seating posture, breath-control, withdrawal of senses from objects, meditation and Super Conscious state)."

"Humanness can be promoted only through spirituality and noy by any other means."

"Sadhana (spiritual or yogic exercise) will disclose to you your true identity as one with God.Sadhana (spiritual or yogic exercise) will disclose to Bhakthi, Jnaana and Vairaagya - Three stages of spiritual progress."

"The spiritual discipline consists in recognising and becoming aware of the One that suports and sustains the many. That is the precious gem of wisdom that one must secure and treasure. "

"Real values can have meaning to man only when he steps on to the spiritual path, a path where negative emotions have no use."

"Develop devotion and your are free, for God takes on the burden for you."

"The hallmark of devotion is to see God as the resident in all and responsible for all."

"Meditation is not mere sitting erect and silent, or the absence of movement; it is the merging of all thoughts and feelings in God."

"Do not pray for secular advantages, only for grace."

"Devotion is the state of mind in which one has no separate existence apart from God."

"Spiritual transformation calls for changing the mind from a prisoner of the three qualities (Gunas) to one that is bound to God. You have to acquire the firm conviction that the Divine is the basis and Sustainer of the Universe."



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