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"It is the duty of parents to set children on the right path from their early years. They should not hesitate to correct them and even punish them when children take to wrong ways. The best way they can show their love for their children is to do everything necessary to make them follow the right path. If any boy proves intractable or incorrigible, they should not hesitate to disown him. It is better to have one good son, rather than a brood of bad children. "

"Parents lavish too much affection on their children. There should also be control. There should be both love and law."

"The younger generation is being ruined by undesirable films and television programs. It is not a sign of parental love to let children be ruined in this manner. Even parents should avoid going to cinemas. All the crimes and violence we witness today are largely the result of the evil influence of films on young minds."

"The parents are to blame for three- fourths of their children’s behaviour. When parents allow the children to go astray, sometime or other they will suffer the consequences. It has become fashionable in the Kali Age to let the children have their own way; The parents give a free rein to the children instead of controlling them."

"Men do not have the same spirit of sacrifice as women. If any problem arises, men come forward with initial enthusiasm, but it is only women who resolutely fight until success is achieved."

"The child should grow with the mother for the first 5 years of life. Many children do not know what the love of the mother is like. The mother should not hand over her responsibility during these years to someone else and be called simply ‘Mummy” as if she is some doll with which the child likes to play. Now, the children of rich and “educated” are severely handicapped. They are deprived of the care and love of the parents. They are handed over to the care of servants and ayahs and they grow up in their company and learn their vocabulary and habits and styles of thought."

"People generally speak of women as the weaker sex. Bharatiyas recognize that women cannot be considered weak. The woman in charge of the home plays the main role in bringing good name and fame to the household. Similarly, the women play a major role in upholding the prestige of the state, the country and even the world."

"In the future, husband’s troubles are wife’s troubles and wife’s troubles become husband’s. It is like, if one part of the body is paralysed, the other part of the body feels the paralysis. And so, your wife must feel your pains and you must feel her pains. Both of your pains are removed by Swami. Both of you have Swami. Both husband should help wife and wife should help husband."

"She who knows the mind of the husband and speaks softly and sweetly is the real friend. Why sometimes, when the wife has to point out the path of Dharma to the husband, she takes on the role even of a Father! When the husband is down with illness she is the Mother."

"The home and the family is the basic institution everywhere in the world. When the home improves, the whole world will be better. "

"Parents do not correct the children. That should not be so. One has to be strict with the children. The Elders need to go through ‘ Human Values’ and teach this to the children.”"

"The home and the family is the basic institution everywhere in the world. When the home improves, the whole world will be better."

"For lakhs of students and children who go to school, the mother is the first teacher."



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