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Today was a memorable day for all the waiting boys - 21 of them. They had been planning since almost a month and a half to put up a small music programme in the Divine Presence. Swami kept playing Hide & Seek with them - and finally it fructified today. As soon as He arrived in the morning for Darshan- he sent for one of the waiting boys. We all were there as it was a holiday - Bakri Id. Swami told him that He has come early so as to listen to their programme and asked him to find out whether the others were ready to put up the programme.

The boy went into the Bhajan Hall and checked with the others, came back and reported in the affirmative to Swami. Swami then walked into the Interview Room and asked them to start. He then went to the Bhajan Hall and sat on the throne. What followed was a heartfelt rendering of beautiful songs by the waiting group. Most of the songs were Swami's compositions like Daya Cheta Dhanyulu Kavalara., Naa Mora Vinava., Narayan Bhajo Narayan.., Rama Rama Seeta, Aharaha Tava..and other songs like Kaise Jiyun Main Tere Bin.., Uyirum Neeve Ulagam Neeve Taye.

Songs over - Aarti was about to start. Swami asked to stop, but by then the Pujari had lit the camphor. So the Aarti took its own course. After that Swami spent almost an hour talking to the boys. Following are excerpts from the conversation that went on:

Swami: Who actually started this idea of a music programme?

Boys: All of us Swami. We practiced in one of the houses.

Swami (To VC): Who is this boy?

VC: Swami, he has done M.Sc. (Maths) and then M.Tech.

Swami: Is he a good boy? What grades has he got?

VC: Swami, he is a very good boy - throughout his studies he has got first class.

Swami: Yes, Give him a lecturer's job. In our Institute we pay the lecturers Government Scale only. (to another boy) What are you doing?

Boy: Swami, IAS.

Swami: I do not want IAS, reverse it. I want SAI. I will tell..

Swami then asked most of them about their qualifications. Boys gave answers like MFM, MBA, M.Sc.(B).

Swami: (in appreciation of the boys - pointing to the lady VIP's) See, these boys have completed double post graduations and are now waiting for Swami to give them a job. They do not want to go outside. (Hearing MBA, MFMa number of times - commented jokingly) Why so many MBA's and M.Sc.'s?

VC: Swami, outside it is very costly. They have to write tough exams and then, they also have to pay almost 5 lakhs to get a seat. After all that they do not get good quality education as they get here.

Swami: Yes, that is true. But after completing their studies they should not sit idle. Their parents have spent so much on them. They must go and serve their parents.

Swami pointed to an industrialist VIP and asked him to come in.

Swami: How much salary do you pay in your company? See, these boys have all finished double PG's and MBA's and are waiting for Swami to give them an opportunity to serve.

Swami (to a boy): What have you studied?

Boy: Swami - B.Com., MBA, M.Phil.. You only gave me a gold medal.

Swami: Swami gives everything to everybody. See, I will tell you one important thing. Your mother has no legs. She cannot walk. But she is working so hard and feeding you. Why don't you start working and take care of her and give her some rest.

Boy: I prepare food for her and only then I move out to work in the village. Even when I stayed in the Hostel I used to go home and cook food for her.

Swami: You are moving around all the time. Who will take care of her?

Boy: Swami, I am moving around only for you and not for anything else.

Swami (in appreciation): See, this boy wants only Me and nothing else. Seeing my boys taking such good care of their parents, I am overjoyed. This is possible only with our boys. Outside this is very rare. Seeing you all do such good service I am very happy. But are you doing Swami's service?

Boy: Yes Swami. We all are going to the villages and organizing medical camps, education for children, self-employment programme..

Swami: Chaala Santosham.

Boy: Swami, a small prayer. We have attained so many degrees. Instead of we going out and looking for jobs, give us the capacity to generate jobs for 10 other people.

Swami: O, then you all have to be in top positions as big managers.

Boy: Swami, please allow us to start a small scale industry that will help give employment to many of the local people here.

Swami: But then how will you market it?

Boy: Swami, if we do with a good intention, market will automatically be there.

Swami: Very good. If you have that confidence, it will happen. Faith is very important.

VIP: Yes Swami, Honesty and Loyalty are very essential.

Swami: Yes, Truth, Honesty and Loyalty are very essential.

Boy: But Swami all this is available only here, not outside.

Swami: Yes, but you should be able to achieve the same even outside.

Boy: Once we achieve this here, wherever we go we will be able to do the same.

Swami: Once you have completed your education, you must go and take care of your parents. Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava.. You should never disappoint them. If you cause one drop of tear from your mother's eye, you will cry throughout your life.

Swami: What did Lava and Kusha say? (Swami was choked with emotion and with tears in His eyes) We want to take care of our parents - Rama and Sita, and we want to serve them all throughout our life.

Boy: Swami, please do not feel so bad, we cannot see you like this.

Swami: These are tears of joy. Idi Ananda Bhashpamu - not Shoka Bhashapmu. Seeing you boys taking such good care of your parents, I am feeling so overwhelmed.

Boy: Swami, Mee Aanandame Maa Ananadamu..

Swami: Abbo!!! Kadu Bangaru, Mee Aanandame Naa Ananadamu..

Boys: We find it difficult to see you limping and walking like this. Please cure yourself.

Swami: Even this event is for your sake only.

Boys: Please pardon us for our mistakes.

Swami: Yes, I have pardoned and am therefore talking to you all. I have no pain for I do not have any body consciousness at all. In Brindavan, that day, a boy was tying Toranam at the door, standing on an iron chair. I opened the door and the boy in excitement fell on me with the iron stool. The bone broke into three pieces. The doctors said - God's bone is very strong. It is difficult to replace it. Therefore they put an iron rod in its place. It is because of the iron rod that I am limping. I have no pain. This too will go away slowly. See even at this age I am so beautiful and healthy. Can anyone be like this? The doctors advised three years bed rest but I am already walking. I am very healthy.

Boy: Swami, Your Love for us is so great.

Swami: Aunu, Naa Prema Chaala Apaaramainatidi. (Yes, My Love is Infinite). You boys cannot understand it.

Swami created a Vajra Lingam (transparent crystal lingam) and gave it to the M.Tech. boy and told him to keep it safely.

Boy: Swami, we are ready to do even a sweepers job at your Lotus Feet.

Swami: Can I give such a low job to My boys? Mee Gauravame Naa Gauravamu (Your dignity is My dignity). I will give you jobs according to your qualification.

It was almost 9.40 a.m.

Swami (got up from the throne and asked loudly): EmKavali?

Boys: Swami, we want You.

Swami: I am ready, take Me.

Boys: We are also ready. Take us.

Swami: Santosham. Santosham.

As He walked out holding the hand of one of the boys, the boys started praying - Swami keep us with you.

Swami jokingly said : See your desires are already increasing.

In the afternoon, Swami came around 3.20 p.m. Vedam chanting went on for some time. Suddenly, Swami called Prof. Anil Kumar and asked him to speak. What followed was a torrent of beautiful messages, experiences and Telugu poems of Swami. The talk was very inspiring. He went on for around half an hour plus and stopped. There was a loud applause. Swami asked him to continue and we had another half an hour plus. Excerpts of his talk are available in the next mail.

Aarti followed. Swami got up. A Music college boy gave the Aarti and another gave a flower. Swami asked the boy to sing Rama Katha. The boy sang the beginning part. Swami blessed him and his singing partner very lovingly. As He moved towards the car, He saw the waiting boys waiting for Him. He spoke to them for some time and then pointed towards the Interview room. Needless to say, they all rushed into the Interview room.

As an icing on the cake, Swami spoke to them for almost 45 minutes. He talked to each boy individually. He said that the coming Thursday (Poornima) is a very auspicious day and He will give appointment letters to them on that day. Incidentally, He also created a small pouch for the M.Tech boy to keep the Lingam that He had created in the morning!! He gave them individual photographs to their delight!!


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