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"When the Rajasuya yaga was being performed, Krishna came and asked Dharmaraja to allot some work for him. Dharmaraja turned to Krishna and said that there was no work appropriate to Krishna and that if Krishna can himself indicate what work was suitable to him, that will surly be allotted to him. Krishna went close to Dharmaraja, patted him on the back and said that he has a special qualification and that he would like to do work appropriate for his qualification. Dharmaraja could not make anything out of this. So Dharmaraja asked Krishna to tell him what his special was so that he can find suitable work for Krishna. He said that he was fit for removing leaves in which people ate their food and which have been once used. Because after people eat their food in the leaves, they become somewhat unclean, and if those leaves are not removed they create some dislike in the minds of people. Krishna therefore took up this work so that He can give pleasure and good feeling to people."

"With a heart bubbling with bliss and a mind saturated with Love do any bit of selfless Seva. Do Seva wherever you are. Seek chances of helping others. Never lose an opportunity if using your skills and enthusiasm for the allevation of sorrow, pain or distress."

"Service done in Homes for the disabled, the defectives, the feeble minded, the delinquents, the orphans, the refugees – is indeed very beneficial and a good spiritual discipline. So too, in jails and hospitals. Visit these places often, give solace and strength; light lamp of devotion in the inmates. Do Bhajan; help them to write to their homes, give them books for reading or read books for them, be the kith and kin of those who have none whom they call their own. Your smile will be a lighted candle in their darkness."

"I am Love and you should hold on to Love as your method of Seva. Soft speech reaches the heart quicker and deeper. Reveal in gentle words the reason why you do not allow certain things to be done or you require certain other things to be done. Win the willing cooperation of people, not their resentful acquiescence. Do not rely on harsh behaviour, or violent means."

"Spread joy at all times, carry a smile on your face so that every one who sees you can catch the exhilaration."

"In seva there can be no high and low, for Sai is in all. Sai receives your seva, to whomsoever you may offer it."

"If you are used to a soft life, you are useless, as a volunteer , or For anything else."

"Whatever you do, wherever you are, remember that I am with you; that will save you from conceit and error. That will make you Seva worthy of the people you serve."

"Some amongst you have been selected as leaders and guides; carry out their instructions without demur or dimunition. If you feel any doubt regarding the propriety or advisability of those instructions, talk to them over with the leaders alone, in a spirit of friendliness. But do not disregard or modify those instructions at any cost."

"The former American President Abraham once saved a pig by lifting it out of the mire in which it was caught, and while doing so his body and clothes became very dirty. The onlookers asked him why he, the President of such a vast country, should dirty himself just to save a common pig. He replied: “ I got involved in this action not so much to relieve the suffering of the pig, buy to relieve myself from the suffering I experienced at the sight of the pig. I did this only for my own piece of mind!” What Lincoln said then is the practical truth of the matter. It is only this self-satisfaction-one’s own happiness which is the hidden motive behind all kinds of selfless acts! This can in no way be denied. Abraham Lincoln believed that service done with love to man is service to God. He was unhappy to see Americans making black Negroes work as slaves. He therefore fought with his own countrymen to stop this slavery and, atlast, won freedom for them. The Negroes and even many Americans, therefore, used to say ,

“ God in heaven and Abraham Lincoln on earth, we have only these two to look after us”"

"They are among you both lawyers and doctors. These can go into the slum areas, and meet the dwellers therein and administer medical and legal help. Or, they can go into some villages and help them with medical and legal advise."

"The Lord too, will provide many tests to ensure that your faith is made firm, and that your spirit of seva is full and universal. The weaker practitioners of this seva spiritual discipline will soon be shaken by these tests; they stray away from the right path, they lose their grip over themselves, and so, the enemies that lie in wait to foil their spiritual discipline – namely the gang of six: lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride and hatred."

"Service brings you nearer to Me; the flower that is your heart gets fragrance by means of the Service you do, and so it becomes more acceptable to Me. Love is the essence of that fragrance."

"He who feeds one hungry man is worthier far than he who discourses on God and Heaven and Truth and Sin for a hundred years."

"Do not keep yourself apart, working on your own salvation through meditation. Move among your sisters looking for opportunities to help, with the Name (of God) on the tongue and the Form before the eye of the mind."

"Service is effective only when 'I and mine' are replaced by 'God and God's'."

"Consider service as the best spiritual discipline (Sadhana), but do not believe that you can reform or reshape the world."



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